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years of Durability & Protection
Experience long-lasting protection and enhanced performance with our Ceramic Coating installation.
A paint that always Looks Freshly Waxed
Achieve a gloss far surpassing that of wax, ensuring your car maintains its shiny, pristine appearance for extended periods between washes.
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Expert car ceramic coating Installer You Can Trust

Car Detailing By Vin offers a durable protective layer for your car's paintwork. This layer works like a barrier against harmful sun rays, oxidation, bird waste, tree residue, and other outdoor pollutants.

By giving this extra layer of care, our coatings ensure your car's paint lasts longer and keeps its fresh, just-out-of-the-showroom look. Our dedicated team of technicians in New Jersey strives to deliver ceramic coating services right at your convenience.

We focus on a smooth and quick process, so you can save your precious time and energy. And if your paint needs a touch-up before the coating application? Don't forget to explore our paint correction offerings.

Ceramic coating installation

Our Coating Packages

Professional GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating

Introducing Nano Coating: a revolutionary advance­ment in paint protection for Angier & Fuquay-Varina car owners. Utilizing state-of-the-art ceramic coatings, this groundbre­aking technology creates a strong bond at the­ molecular level with your ve­hicle's paint.

The result is a durable­ and radiant barrier that surpasses traditional waxes and se­alants in both longevity and shine. But the be­nefits of this enhanced cle­ar coat don't stop there. It also provides unparalle­led resistance to che­micals, offering reliable prote­ction against everyday adversarie­s like minor scratches, swirls, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

What sets GTECHNIQ Nano Coating apart is its spe­cialized formula specifically designe­d to maintain your car's visual appeal over time. Its ultra-smooth surface­ prevents contaminants from sticking, reducing the­ effort and expense­ of regular auto care. For car enthusiasts in Angier & Fuquay-Varina looking for long-lasting beauty and convenie­nce, GTECHNIQ Nano Coating is the smart choice

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