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The beauty of your vehicle is often in its radiant paintwork that turns heads and garners appreciation. Yet, in a bid to increase profit margins, OEM clear-coats have been made increasingly thinner, leading to the frequent appearance of swirl marks and superficial damage, dimming the shine.

Enter paint correction: the solution that restores the paint's original sheen without the need for a complete repaint or a trip to a body shop. We employ cutting-edge polishing methods and state-of-the-art dual-action polishers to seamlessly erase scratches, swirls, and imperfections, unveiling a lustrous paint surface reminiscent of its glory days.

Following this rejuvenation, we advise layering on a ceramic car coating to seal and safeguard your newly polished surface for the long haul.

You might ponder on the origin of these swirls and marks. Often, they arise from a myriad of causes like the abrasive brushes of automatic car washes or less-than-ideal manual washing techniques.

The intense UV rays in New Jersey can also induce paint oxidation, diminishing its reflectivity and sheen. For instance, the brushes in automatic car washes might retain grit from prior vehicles, posing a risk of inflicting scratches on your prized car's paint.

But there's no cause for concern! At Car Detailing By Vin, we boast unparalleled expertise to rejuvenate your vehicle's exterior, bringing it tantalizingly close to its original splendor. Explore our ceramic coatings to maintain your new finish once corrected.

Paint Correction Packages

Multi Step Correction

  • Foam Cannon Presoak & Bath
  • Scratch Free Hand Wash With Wax Soap
  • Iron Decon
  • Clay Decontamination
  • Spot Free Dry
  • Multi Step Paint Correction  
  • Dress Tires
  • Clean & Protect Exterior Trims
  • Paint Sealant Application

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